Manual for Psychedelic Guides

This is to announce the release of the Manual for Psychedelic Guides which describes, in detail the process of supporting someone who is using a psychedelic for therapeutic or spiritual purposes.
This manual is authored by Mark Haden (Executive Director of MAPS Canada) with significant contributions from many other who are involved with this field. 

It is available in both paper back and Kindle versions:

In Canada ( at:

In the United States ( at:

This manual has been updated with new material on May 19th and May 24th 2021

Reviews for the Guide Manual

Rick Doblin, Ph.D. Founder of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies)
"As we move into the era of legalized psychedelic healing by prescription, and an increasing number of locations where psychedelics are decriminalized or to able to be used in religious/spiritual contexts, a Guide Manual which offers a detailed analysis of the psychedelic psychotherapeutic process is crucial.  Mark Haden has done an excellent job of making this important knowledge available in this comprehensive manual. This should be read by all therapists, physicians and guides who are involved with psychedelic medicines."

Paul Stamets: Mycologist, Author, Researcher
Mark Haden's book "Manual for Psychedelic Guides" is an essential resource for maximizing benefit while minimizing potential for harm in the surging field of psychedelic therapy.  As the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics continue to be validated by scientific studies, this book comes at a critical time. Unprecedented, Haden's manual is a map for navigating through psychedelically influenced consciousness. Therapists, regulators and even end-users can be better prepared to benefit from these profoundly intense internal voyages. Knowing that a therapist is skilled and informed will give confidence to patients that they are in good hands. Therapists in particular can benefit by avoiding the minefields of potential mis-steps which Mark Haden expertly describes.  This manual will be known as a milestone as psychedelics come out of the closet into the light of mainstream therapy. Highly recommended. I love this book! 

Dennis McKenna PhD, Author, Researcher
Those who may feel called to guide patients in psychedelic therapy must an achieve an exceptional level of wisdom, intelligence, skill, insight, and compassion. Proper guidance is at the crux of psychedelic therapy if these medicines are to be used for maximum benefit; and those who embark on the path of this sacred calling must commit to an arduous discipline; a discipline that requires them to become not only the best therapists that they can be, but to become the best people they can be. This Manual for Psychedelic Guides written by my friend, Mark Haden, himself a therapist and the Executive Director of MAPS Canada, is the place to start the journey. It is not itself the journey, but is a map of the path that must be followed, and in that sense, it is both invaluable and indispensable. In it you will find all your questions about psychedelic guidance answered, as well as many questions you never even thought to ask. It’s all here in the pages of this brief and crisply written manual. Start here; it is your first step on a journey that never ends.

Gabor Mate: Physician, Author
Mark Haden provides a much-needed, comprehensive, cogent and detailed manual, aimed at those who would like help guide safe and effective psychedelic experiences--a primer particularly for therapists and other professionals interested in such work.

Tom Eckert, MS, LPC, Executive Director - Oregon Psilocybin Society
"Mark Haden has always been ahead of the curve on drug policy, and his contributions to psychedelic medicine have helped the field progress and gain acceptance. The arrival of this volume, covering the competencies involved in conducting psychedelic therapy sessions, is highly appreciated. Drawing on trusted sources, Mark has written the kind of detailed training manual that many of us have been waiting for."